Our Workshops

Hand Crafted Cake Experience

Workshop prices start from


£100 per person

for a minimum of 4 people 

and dependant on what you would like to make and create.

Why not get a group of friends together for a bit of creative fun?

Bespoke course prices are also available upon request 

Clean Eating

Demonstrations start from £65 per person

Courses start from £85 person

During this course, you will be given an insight into the theme of Clean Eating. Nicola will talk through the importance of being mindful of the nutritional content of the foods you choose, particularly vitamins, minerals, high quality protein, healthy fats, as well as considering the impact on the environment.

At the end of the session you will be given recipes and tips for embracing the challenge of clean eating. This will involve reducing the amount of sugar and salt you consume, have the knowledge of some of the exciting ways of adding more unprocessed fruit and vegetables in your diet, as well as reducing your consumption of red meat, adding more fish to your diet. You will gain knowledge of the physical, emotional and nutritional benefits and will be given information about why choosing local, seasonal, organic, farm assured foods is so important.

Easy Canapes

Workshop prices start from £60 per guest – menu 1 

demonstration of 4 different canapes – 2 hours


Workshop prices start from £80 per guest – menu 2 

demonstration of 6 different canapes – 3 hours

Our canape demonstration is a popular choice for a group of friends. 

You will be given tips and shown lots of shortcuts for a wide selection of sweet and savoury canapes.

Baking Masterclass Workshops

Workshop prices start from £85 per guest for 3 hours

These three tutorials will teach you the basic functions of ingredients and how they combine to produce the most delicious artisan breads, pastries or cakes.

Nicola and Domino will share their tips for success when creating baked products.

Easy Entertaining

Workshop prices start from £80 per guest for 3 hours

Let CoCo Blanche demonstrate a selection of a dinner party favourites for you to feel confident preparing for family and friends.

This demonstration is aimed at experienced cooks as well as a kitchen novice who sees entertaining as a bit stressful!

Posh Puds

Workshop prices start from £80 per guest per session (3 hours)

Creating the perfect pud can feel a little daunting but during this class CoCo Blanche gives you the confidence and creativity to create your own delicious puddings.

Stress Free Christmas / Party Canapes

£60 per person for a 3 hour course

During this demonstration, you will be given tips for time saving and for a fuss-free Christmas lunch. 

You will be shown some simple canapes that you can sample

We will give you the be inspiration, menu ideas and recipes that can be cooked in advance and stored in the freezer for family and friends over the Christmas period so you can sit back and enjoy the day as well!

All our courses can be bespoke and tailor made specifically for you - please chat with us for further details

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